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The Company’s sponsors’ vision, Pakistan’s renewable energy resources are to be utilized at the maximum level to enable Pakistan to achieve the 20% renewable energy target in the national grid of Pakistan. So, the Company despite odds continued in its development works to become part of peto find a job and maintain ople bringing clean energy into Pakistan. Along with development in renewable energy sector in Pakistan, socio economic development of masses of Pakistan is another vision practically being done at Karachi by way of establishment of technical institute in Karachi, imparting high standard technical education in Karachi, Pakistan. The sponsor’s vision is instead of granting monetary aid, let’s give them teach the young people some skills, to become good technicians in the electrical, mechanical, and medical fields. Provide good standard health care to general public in Pakistan, at affordable costs.

In our organizations code of conduct, we lay great emphasis on self-respect, morality, professional work ethics and friendly working environment with zero tolerance on corruption and corrupt practices.

JPL’s vision and mission are to provide clean, reliable, and dependable power to Pakistan’s national grid over JPL’s life of 20 years while taking care of its community, environment, and all stakeholders.